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Monday, 11 June 2012

Talk It! The free Text-To-Speech Converter

Hello Friends,

Earlier,you may Have heard of a Trick which makes your Computer Talk Whatever You Type.Such Programs are called Text-To-Speech Programs (TTS) But,The trick you may have heard of uses the use of Visual Basic Script (VB Script) and You can hear the voice only in a single voice which is Your Computer's Narrator.The Program I am going to give you is called "Talk It!"If you Don't know What? of Who? is your Windows Operating System Narrator Click Here to know about it.Given below is a Difference Of the Visual Basic Script TTS and The Program I am Going to provide you with.

Visual Basic Script Trick (SAPI)

1. Has only a Limited number of Narrator and One narrator for One Kind of One Operating System.
For Example :- Windows XP Can only run Narrator Sam and no other.

2. All the Punctuation Marks used in the sentence to be converted into Speech is pronounced by the Narrator.
For Example :- If you want your Sentence to be Heard as "Welcome to Kanishk's Technical Blog,I hope you Have fun here." then your Sentence would be Pronounced as "Weclome to Kanishk(apostrophe)s Technical Blog(comma)I hope you have fun here(dot)"

3. The SAPI Program can't pronounce words in different languages.

4. You Can't change Voice Effects in the voice.
For Example :- You can't change the Pitch Quality and the Vocal Effort of the Voice.

Talk It! (Software)

1. The voice in which you want your Sentence to be heard in has different kind of variety.
For Example :- Male,Female,Martian,Big Robot,Small Robot,Fly,Child,etc

2. All the Puctuation Marks you use in your sentence are not pronounced by the Software.
For Example :- If your Sentence is "Welcome to Kanishk's Technical Blog,I hope you have fun here" will be pronounced without the Punctuation Marks.

3. Can Pronounce words in English as well as Spanish Language. (First of its Kind in the world.)

4. You can Change the Voice effects in the voice.
For Example :- You can change the Pitch Quality and the Vocal Effort of the Voice.

Now,All the Information you need related to Talk It! software is given below-


Talk It!, also called TalkAny, was a popular text-to-speech  (TTS) software by SoftVoice, Inc. and was originally included in the Windows 95 version of Microsoft Plus! under the name of "Microsoft Plus! for Kids". It was used to teach children pronunciation of words and for simple text-to-speech uses, including narration and accessibility.Talk It! came in two languages, Spanish and English. It was one of the first programs to properly pronounce two different languages.

Using the Software is Quite Easier for Users and even small Children can operate them.One screenshot of the software is given below.

Click the Photo to Enlarge.

Given Below is the What Talk It! program Offers to its Users.

1. Includes 20 predefined vocal personalities.
2. Allows users to create a virtually unlimited number of custom voices.
3. Supports multiple languages.including English and Spanish.
4. Supports a wide variety of vocal effects,including: robotic,breathy,and whispered speech.
5. Allows users to customize pronounciation.

I hope you have fun with this Text-to-Speech program.

Download Link-

To Download Talk It! Click Here.
Password for the RAR Archive-

For Problems/Doubts comment Below.


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