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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Chromium Browser Review and Download.

Hello Friends,

Today,I'll Provide you with a New Browser called "Chromium Browser."As you all have already guessed,this browser is similar to the Google Chrome Browser but not in every aspect.This browser has been developed by Chromium Projects. This Group Focuses on Developing a Chromium Operating System and Chromium Browser(You are reading about this).

Any Person who is Interested in Developing and wants to Know more about it,Like how its Made,Codings Used,etc is allowed to do so.

Given Below is a Short Review and then comes the Download link.


Chromium is a sleek, lightweight browser that provides an efficient browsing experience with no unnecessary clutter. We've always been Firefox loyalists ourselves, but Chromium impressed us quite a bit.

To the uninitiated, Chromium's interface may seem rather sparse. There aren't a lot of buttons, and we were momentarily confused by its lack of a search box. With a bit of exploration, though, we soon caught on. We easily imported our bookmarks and other settings from Firefox, allowing us to make a pretty seamless transition. We loved that the search box and address bar are combined into one space; they worked surprisingly well that way. The fact that opening a new tab or window shows a grid of the user's most-visited Web sites is ingenious; getting to your favorite Web destinations has never been faster or easier. In fact, everything about Chromium is fast, from its start-up to the way it handles Web pages. The program's Help file directs users to Google's Chrome Web site, which is fine, as the programs are virtually identical.

Transitioning to a new browser always requires an adjustment period, but overall, we found Chromium to be quite intuitive and pleasurable to use. We didn't have to do a lot of searching for the features that we wanted and, even though it's relatively no-frills, we didn't find ourselves missing anything. Chromium is free. It comes as a zip file and runs after extraction with no need to install. We highly recommend this program to all users.

Now,For the Download Link-

To Download Chromium Browser Click Here.

Source : C|NET.



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