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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Angry Birds Space v1.2 Full Version for PC.


Hello Friends,

Earlier,I wrote about Angry Birds Space v1.0 Full Version for PC.Now,I am going to write about the Next Version of Angry Birds Space.This Version is v1.2.Version 1.1 is old so I decided to give you the latest version.So,This version is too Exciting.So lets know about it.

Whats new in v1.2?

1. New Levels (v1.0 doesn't shows new levels)
2. New Birds.
and Much More...

To See the Story of This Game Go to the Below Link to the Video to Understand More Clearly.Click Here to See the Video.

Angry Birds Space - from floating through space to using the gravity of nearby planets to set up spectacular trick shots, Angry Birds Space takes the gameplay that fans already know and love to a totally new level. With brand new birds, brand new superpowers, and a whole galaxy to explore, the sky is no longer the limit!

Click the Photo to Enlarge.

Click the Photo to Enlarge.

Click the Photo to Enlarge.

If you encounter some cases where the Laptop/PC can not run/play Angry Birds (Most Windows XP) Maybe this experience can make your inspiration when you see things that I encountered the following:

  • If an error is caused by "msvcr100.dll" or "msvcp100.dll", which you do try to install "Microsoft Visual C 2010 Redistributable Package" on the PC. For those who do not have the installer can be downloaded:
    Ms Visual C + + 2010 redist (x86) - (4 MB)
    Ms Visual C + + 2010 redist (x64) - (6 MB)
  • If after performing Step 1 above was not able too, you try to install DirectX ® 9.0c.
    Download DirectX ® 9.0c (Offline Installer)
  • If after performing Step 1 and 2 above were not able to as well, you try to install netframework 3.5. You can download also:
    netframework 3.5 - (231 MB)
  • If after performing Step 1, 2, 3 turned out to not be as well or display an error message "Texture is too large 2048 x 2048, maximum supported is 1024 x 1024", you try to update your VGA driver.
  • ___________________________________________________________ 

To Download Angry Birds Space v1.2 Click Here.



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