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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Secrets of a Super Hacker Free Ebook Download.

Hellow Friends,

Today I'll Provide You with a New Ebook. The name of the Ebook is "Secrets of a Super Hacker".

Step-by-Step illustrated details on the techniques used by Hackers to Get Your Data including :-

Guessing Passwords, Stealing Passwords, Password Lists, Social Engineering, Reverse Social Engineering, Crashing Electronic Bulletin Boards, Dummy Screens, Fake E-mails, Trojan Horses , Viruses, Worms,  Trap Doors, And Much More...

Anyone concerned with Computer Security and Data Privacy needs to Read this Ebook.

You Can Find the Download Link for Secrets of a Super Hacker Ebook at the end of this Post.

Given Below is the Table of Contents of Secrets of a Super Hacker.

Introduction : Heroes or Villains?

Part I : Before Hack.

1. The Basics.

2. The History of Hacking.

3. Researching the Hack.

4. Passwords and Access Controls.

5. Social Engineering.

6. Reverse Social Engineering.

Part II : During Hack.

7. Public Access Computers and Terminals. 

8. On-Site Hacking - The Trespasser Hacker.

9. Hacking At Home - Dialing Up Computers with your Modem

10. Electronic Bulletin Board System.

11. Borderline Hacking.

12. What To Do When Inside?

Part III : After Hack.

13. This Lawful Land.

14. Hacker Security : How to Keep From Getting Caught.

15. Conclusion.

Special Note : This Ebook was Made By-

The Knightmare.

Now, Finally For the Download Link-

To Download  The Secrets of a Super Hacker Click Here.



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