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Thursday, 17 May 2012

New Smiley Codes for Facebook Chat.

Hello Friends, 

Today, I'll share with you some very nice and interesting new smiley codes for Facebook Chat.

The Codes are really Simple and not just very long.

The Smiley,Description, and Code are given below-

Smiley - Smile.
Description - Smiling Face.
Code - [[F9.laugh]]

Smiley - Sad.
Description - Sad Emoticons.
Code - [[F9.sad]]

Smiley - Angry.
Description - Face Red With Anger.
Code - [[F9.angry]]

Smiley - Kiss.
Description - Kiss.
Code - [[F9.kiss]]

Smiley - In love.
Description - With Heart-Shaped Eyes.
Code - [[F9.inlove]]

Smiley - Smiley who loves.
Description - With The Heart Eyes.
Code - [[F9.adore]]
Smiley - He sleeps.
Description - He’s Asleep.
Code - [[F9.sleepy]]
Smiley - Pizza.
Description - A Slice Of Pizza.
Code - [[]]
Smiley - Surprised.
Description - Smiley With Mouth Open.
Code - [[F9.shock]]

Smiley - Coffee.
Description - Cup Of Coffee.
Code - [[]]

Smiley - Bomb.
Code - [[F9.bomb]]
Smiley - It rains.
Description - Clouds And Rain.
Code - [[F9.rain]]
Smiley - Sun.
Code - [[F9.sun]]
Smiley - Heart.
Description - Big Red Heart.
Code - [[F9.heart]]
Smiley - Broken Heart.
Code - [[F9.heartbreak]]
Smiley - Doctor or Nurse.
Code - [[]]
Smiley - Ghost.
Code - [[F9.ghost]]
Smiley - BRB (be right back – back soon).
Code - [[F9.brb]]
Smiley - Wine .
Description – Wine Bottles.
Code - [[]]
Smiley - Gift.
Description – Pack with Green Ribbon.
Code - [[]]
Smiley - Angelo.
Description – Santa Face with Areola.
Code - [[F9.angel]]
Smiley - Balloons.
Description - Party.
Code - [[F9.baloons]]
Smiley - Birthday Cake with Candles.
Code - [[F9.cake]]
Smiley - Cup.
Description – Bowl Noodles.
Code - [[F9.bowl]]
Smiley - Call.
Code - [[F9.callme]]
Smiley - Applause.
Description – Face that Laughs and Applauds
Code - [[F9.clap]]
Smiley - Confused.
Description – With a Crooked Mouth.
Code - [[F9.confused]]
Smiley - Happy.
Description - Face Curling Lip.
Code - [[F9.curllip]]
Smiley - Devil.
Description – A Demon Face Angry.
Code - [[F9.devilface]]
Smiley - Lie.
Description – With a Long Nose.
Code - [[F9.lying]]

How do You use these Smiley Codes?

If Someone doesn't knows how to use these,then just follow the below steps.

1. Make Four Square Brackets in the chat-box in this way-

[[ ]] (two on each sides)

2. Now,enter the text in between the code for example lets take the HAPPY Smiley, the code for it is F9.curllip so just write them is this way-

[[F9.Curllip]] (without any spaces)

Now,You know how to Use them,So use them and even share with your friends.

Note : These smileys are only for Facebook Chat-Box, they won't work on posts or comments.

For any Doubts/Comments Comment below.


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  1. I’m using one since a great while and I can call mine since I never seen iy anywhere!! Here it is ;^) Long Nose Winking Smiley!!
    here complete list of emo code => FACEBOOK EMOTICON CODE LIST


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