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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Get the IP Address of a Victim Easily.

Note: This Information is only for Educational Purpose and I'll not be held responsible in anyway if its used for crime.I myself do not encourage hacking in anyway.

Hello Friends,

Today I'll Tell you all about "How to Get the IP Address of a Victim Easily."

If you are thinking that I'll tell you the Long way of getting the IP Address through the Command Prompt in which the chances of Success are not more that 10% then you are Wrong.

As the Name Suggests, This way is too easy.Now,The Steps are quiet Long but not so long that will make you feel dizzy.

This Trick is Called "Getting the IP through PHP Notification Script."

Just Follow the Below Steps-

1.) First, You'll Need a Free Web-Hosting Site's Membership.Below are 5 Sites Listed that may help you.

Note: I'll be using for this tutorial.

If you want any other site,then you can search for it on

2.) Now,You Need to Download 2 Files.These files will be the main part of our tutorial.To Download the files Click Here

3.) Now,The Files will look like this When you Extract and Open Them.
Click the Photo to Enlarge.

4.) Now,Upload these Files to a Web-Hosting Site.When Uploading these files,Better make a new Directory on the File Manager so that you do not get confused.But this is not really needed for us right now.

When You Upload the Files,They'll Look Like this.
Click the Photo to Enlarge.

5.) Now,Click the index.php file and a New Webpage Will Open,The New Page will be completely blank,but in the Background, his IP will be recorded.
Click the Photo to Enlarge.
Read the Instructions in the Above Pic.

6.) Last Step is to Get the IP.Now,Click the IP.HTML File you uploaded and the Following Page with the IP Will Appear.
Click the Photo to Enlarge.

In the Similar way, If you want to get the IP Address of your Victim, send him the link to index.html file and when he clicks the link, His IP Address will be recorded.Now ask him what did he see.If he tells that he saw the Blank page,go and open the IP.HTML file in your webhosting account and his IP Will be shown.

As Most Of you People will be thinking,What is the Use of doing this Tutorial to get a Victims IP,The Answer is,

With the IP, You can even Hack a Computer of the Victim.But thats another Topic.

I'll Tell you Next Time.Until Then, Keep Following Kanishk's Technical Blog.



  1. how to get the victims ip???by this only our ip we can get

  2. C.A.V--

    Send the Link of the index.HTML file to your Victim. For not letting him know,you can use any URL Shortner like the or

    When the Victim Click the Link that blank page will open and record his IP Adress and then view the IP.HTML File to view his IP Simple as anything.

    HOPE THIS HELPS YOU.For any doubts please reply.


  3. Very nice post, impressive. its quite different from other posts. Thanks for sharing.


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