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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Big Emoticons in Facebook Chat.(Make your very own Emoticons.)

Hey Friends,As I promised you all before that I would post a trick using which You can make your Very Own Emoticons which contains your own very faces or any picture you want.

So,To do this trick follow the Below Instructions.

1. Go to the site of Facebook Smiley Chat Codes Generator- Click Here to go to the Site.

On Reaching the Site,you'll see the following Page-

Click the Photo to Enlarge.

2.Click on the CHOOSE FILE on the Site to Upload a Picture.

Click the Photo to Enlarge.

3.After you click the CHOOSE FILE button,A Dialogue Box will Open asking you to Choose the File you want to Upload.
Click the Photo to Enlarge.

4.After choosing your desired file,Click Open button or just Hit Enter.After that,Enter the Caption in the below Box and Hit UPLOAD NOW button.
Click the Photo to Enlarge.

5. After hitting the UPLOAD NOW button,you'll see the following page.
Click the Photo to Enlarge.

6.After Sometime,the Codes will be Available,Just copy them and Paste them into the Chat box of the person whom you want to Send them.It will work in the the Group Chat Box too.
Click the Photo to Enlarge.

Note: Sometimes,after the codes are generated and you copy and paste them into the chat box,the picture won't appear,instead of the picture some QUESTION MARKS (?) will appear.In that case,do the above steps again to get the perfect picture.

I hope this Helps you.


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