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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Add Extra Features in Youtube with Youtube Script.

Hi Friends, I am come back and I will be posting daily and today I am telling about how to add some extra features to youtube

YouTube Center Script:
In this script you don't have to click to change the video resolution to the highest quality available.It's super easy to download a video. Just click on "Download", to download your desired resolution and format (You can change that in the settings). If you want to see the available formats and resolutions, click on the arrow, just next to "Download", to show the menu.
If you are watching/listening to a video and you would like it to repeat. There's a simple button, "Repeat", which you click on and the video will repeat until you click on the button again.
It's possible to use the YouTube player shortcuts like SPACE (Play/Pause), outside of the player.  


  • Download Video Button
  • Repeat Video Button
  • HTML5 Support
  • MP3 Online Converter (Link to an online converter in the download list) - You need to activate this in the settings first.
  • Automatic selection of video resolution
  • YouTube Player shortcuts on page (Shortcuts works outside of player). 
  • Prevent YouTube to auto-play or auto-buffer
Steps for Installing this script on your Browser:

1) For Firefox:

1) First install Greasemonkey for firefox. Goto Click here to Install

2) You will see a small +Add to Firefox button on greasemonkey website click on it.

3) After that you will see dialog box click on install  button.


4) When  greasemonkey install a box will be show at top of browser and click on it to restart your browser. 

5) Now you need to install YouTube Script. Goto Click me 

6) You will see a small install  button on website click on it.

7) After that a dialog will be appear and click on install button.

8) You are done and visit you will see three extra buttons like

2) For Google Chrome,Internet Explorer or Other Browser:

1) Just install Youtube script.Goto click me.
2) click on install button and you will see a message on bottom and click on continue.

3) A new dialog will be open and click on install.

4) You are almost done and goto and play vidoe then you will see three extra buttons.

I Hope You Like This Trick.

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  1. awesome work and great job dude i like it very much


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