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Monday, 19 March 2012

How To Password Protect your Google Chrome Browser with a Simple Addon

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      Today we will discuss about "Password Protect your Google Chrome Browser with a Simple Addon"

Google Chrome is a the Most Widely used Web Browser today and many people Use it to log in to their Favourite Websites by Using Chrome.Many people feel lazy and Click the Remember Me option.But this thing can be useful to hackers.To protect it,you can use the Simple Addon I am Giving you all.

If you want to protect your browser by password , you can do it easily in chrome by using a simple add on. Why do you need to protect your browser by password?? You know better.. yeah..

If you use remember me option in many websites login, you should have to protect your browser for your accounts protection. 
Use Simple Startup Password chrome extension which you can find in chrome's extension gallery.

Install the add-on on your chrome and then go to Settings --> Tools -->Extensions --> Simple Startup Password and click on Options. Set a password for your browser and done.Now it will ask for a password every time when you will start your browser.

Download here:

Note:You have to reinstall your chrome if you forgot the password.

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