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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Angry Birds Rio 1.4.2 Full Version For PC.


Earlier,I posted on Angry Birds Seasons 2.2.0 Full Version for PC.Now I'll post about Angry Birds Rio Full Version (Preactivated).

The whole story starts with a warehouse where smugglers have captured birds in cages. Your task? Free them. The familiar Angry Birds slingshot is present, but you're also facing a number of new moving obstacles such as chains and hanging lights placed wittily to get in the way of your red, white, yellow and blue birds. Except for those new objects, the ice blocks, crates and wooden blocks are all there for your crashing convenience. When it comes to the graphics, just like in the previous chapters, you can zoom out to get a better view of your caged fellows and this adds a bit of a cinematic feel. For the sole aim of our sharpshooting precision, we only wished we could actually see our birds and our goal without zooming out to God's perspective! This is only true for the phone version, though.
You can expect to get a lot with 60 new levels
You can expect to get a lot with 60 new levels
You can expect to get a lot with 60 new levels
You can expect to get a lot with 60 new levels
You can expect to get a lot with 60 new levels
You can expect to get a lot with 60 new levels

The second chapter starts after you free the two macaws, which takes you further on your exodus to the jungle where you face impish monkeys. They're actually well animated and entertaining, so you won't notice the time spent until you get to the final boss level. We'll save all the fun of finding what it's all about, but we'll just mention that you actually get to use the two macaws. Unfortunately, only in one level!

Gametime, music

In terms of playing hours, you can expect to get a lot with 60 new levels, each with a hidden fruit making it all the more compelling and possibly worth a replay. But even if you don't replay all the levels, you'll catch yourself catapulting the birds on a samba beat as the music is remade to fit the Rio theme.


First,Download the Angry Birds Rio from the Given Below Link and then Install It.

After you Install it,Go to the .rar file (Angry Birds Rio downloaded file) and click on the SERIAL.txt and copy the Serial Key Given there.Now,Open your Angry Birds Rio.exe file and Click on REGISTER button or Something Like that which Asks you to Go To Rovio Shop,now enter the Serial Key you copied from the Text file and the Register button will become available,now Hit it and Your Angry Birds Rio will be Registered.

Now on the Main screen you'll also see a Button called Redeem Code or similar to that,just enter the same serial key and click the button which it there.I really don't understand its meaning for now but I'll tell its use to you all later.



If you encounter some cases where the Laptop/PC can not run/play Angry Birds (Most Windows XP) Maybe this experience can make your inspiration when you see things that I encountered the following:
  • If an error is caused by "msvcr100.dll" or "msvcp100.dll", which you do try to install "Microsoft Visual C 2010 Redistributable Package" on the PC. For those who do not have the installer can be downloaded:
    Ms Visual C + + 2010 redist (x86) - (4 MB)
    Ms Visual C + + 2010 redist (x64) - (6 MB)
  • If after performing Step 1 above was not able too, you try to install DirectX ® 9.0c.
    Download DirectX ® 9.0c (Offline Installer)
  • If after performing Step 1 and 2 above were not able to as well, you try to install netframework 3.5. You can download also:
    netframework 3.5 - (231 MB)
  • If after performing Step 1, 2, 3 turned out to not be as well or display an error message "Texture is too large 2048 x 2048, maximum supported is 1024 x 1024", you try to update your VGA driver.



Download Angry Birds Rio 1.4.2

When You go to the above link,the Website will Ask you to Enter a Password to unlock the file,So just enter the pass given below.


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