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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Trigger "God Mode" in Windows

The "God Mode" term on computer is a simple way that allows users to access all the hidden applications in Windows Control Panel from one folder only.

By creating a new folder in Windows 7 and changing the name by using the specified text string as the name of the extension at the back of the folder, we could have a way to change almost any setting, configuration, registry, and others. The changes is such as changing the look of the mouse pointer to create a new hard-drive partitions.

So, God Mode is creating a folder that contains all the access to hidden Windows Control Panel. This step is a practical way to access all the controls in the Windows configuration.

To Enable 'God Mode' in Windows 7
This trick is running on OS Windows 7, To enter the "GodMode" we need to create a new folder. Then rename the folder to:

Or change the name to:

The folder icon will change to Control Panel icon and will contain dozens of Control options Access.

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