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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Trace IP Address anywhere in the World.

        Here is a Trick called "Trace IP Address anywhere in the World"

To Do This,Just Follow the Below Instructions--->

1.Go To this Site--->

Enter Site Here

2.After Going to the Site,You'll See the Following Page--->

You'll See that the Marked Area is already filled with a IP,Its Your IP.

Erase Your IP and Enter the IP you Want To Trace and Hit ENTER or Click the TRACK button.

The Above Site Will Provide you with the Following Information--->

 IP address

 IP country code:

IP address country:

 IP address state:

IP address city:

IP address latitude:

IP address longitude:

ISP (Internet Service Provider)



Local time 

And Many More...

I Hope This Post Helps You a lot.

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  1. ha ha ha ha ha its fake .... it showing not ma city it showing other city name .......

  2. Raj,This locator may not tell you the Accurate Place of the IP.But this would Tell you other info accurate.I have used it.Even Google's City Locator Failed to Trace my City.If a Big Organization like GOOGLE doesn't have a proper IP locator,How can you expect to see this IP locator to tell you the accurate City.

    IP Locator is a Cutting Edge Technology,which need perfection at every level,No matter How much you polish it,it'll require repairs.


  3. @Raj...

    This IP locator told my City Exactly right,Which MUMBAI,MAHARASHTRA.


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