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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Trace any Mobile Number In India.

           Now I am Posting on "Trace any Mobile Number in India"

To Do this,Just Follow the Below Steps.

First Go To Anyone of These Sites--->

1.Trace Mobile Number In India

2.Trace Mobile Location and Service Details (Only for India) |

In the First Site,Enter Your  Digit Mobile Number You want to trace and Hit ENTER aur Click on TRACE Button.

In the Second Site,
Enter the 10 Digit Number You want to trace and Hit Enter aur Click On TRACE Button.

What Info Does the Site Provides Us about the Phone Number?

The Above Sites Will Provide you with the Following Information--->

1. Sim Zone (From Where the sim was registered.)

2. Operator Name (For Example- Vodafone,Idea,Airtel,etc)

3.Signalling (i.e-It is either GSM or CDMA)

I Hope This Information would Help you.

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  1. it is also fake bcoz i enterd a number wich iz ported from idea to airtel but its still showing me that iz in idea .... ha ha ha ha

  2. Raj,this doesn't give wrong info.This locator just found the original Operator from your number.It doesn't get updates about a Ported number.



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