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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Send Large Files via Email with WizDrop.

Almost, every e-mail providers limit size of file attachments. For example In Gmail, We can only attach a file less than 25 MB. In fact, most email providers limit to less than it. WizDrop is a quick way to send large files up to 100 MB for every email addresses.

Quite easy, just follow these steps:
1. Visit Site Here. Then enter your email Enter your email address in the first column.

2. Click Browse on the second column and upload your media files. Each video file, image or audio will work. Size limit is 100 MB, so the larger video, need to be cut in sections.

When uploading files, you have the option to add a subject line and message that will appear in the email. If you send files to the phone, please ignore this option. If the file already was uploaded, the second column will be colored green.

3. Enter your email address and telephone number of the recipient file. Separate with a semi-colon (;). If the recipient is more than one. And input the security code.

4. Click the blue button and DROP A message will appear stating the file you have too DROP or sent.

When your friend receives your file, there will be a link via email or text message to download your file. Sometimes, an email message WizDrop be labeled as spam, so tell your friends to check the spam folder.

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