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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Post Blank in Facebook,Orkut,Twitter.

Do you wanna learn how to Comment,Post blank on Facebook.? Then you must read this Doc.

While Posting,Commenting or Chatting,Press this key Combination--->

Press and hold ALT+0173. and Hit enter.
You'll Notice that after pressing enter there will be no word on the post/the post will be blank.

What is this code?

 Your computer then substitutes a (normally) undisplayed soft hyphen, Unicode character U+00AD.
This is a common trick used on the internets for many purposes, such as bypassing wordfilters, to maintain forced anon by choice after 
The Great Re/b/oot (the character would make the name display a blank name rather than "Anonymous"),
and to post using moot's tripcode without getting b&.


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