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Monday, 30 January 2012

How to set Password to PDF documents without Acrobat Installed.

        Here is a trick to Set Password to your PDF Documents without Acrobat.

First Open MS WORD and Type any message you want to type. 

For Example- "I am Kanishk Singh and I have sent you this PDF File."

Now Go to Insert Option and Click on OBJECT.
Like this-

Now Click on it And you'll see something Like this--->

Click on the Red Marked ADOBE ACROBAT DOCUMENT and choose what Acrobat document you want to add.

After You add your PDF DOCUMENT.


After You have Inserted your PDF Document Go to File of MS WORD Click on INFO
Like in this PIC--->

After You Click on INFO Something like this will open in MS WORD.

Click on the Protect Document. 

After You click on Protect Document something like this will open.

Click on Encrypt with Password.

A Message box asking you to Enter Password will open,now enter your password and hit enter,a dialogue box asking you to confirm your password will open,now enter your password again and hit Enter.

Now whenever you Wish to open your file, Before showing you the File,the dialogue box will ask you your 
password will open,without Entering your password you cannot access the document.

NOTE:If  the password to your document is lost,it cannot be recovered,therefore it is advisable to keep copy of your files in a safe place.

NOTE:While sending files by attaching PDF documents to Microsoft Word documents in EMAILS,please send the password in another mail.

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