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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Hide secret messages in pictures via Steganography.

Note: This information is only for Educational purposes.

Hello Friends,
Here's a trick from which you can pass on Secret Message to Friends inside the Image.This Trick is Called Steganography.

For this you first need to download Image Hide from here.

Note: You and your friend both need to have this software for veiwing the Secret Text in the Picture.

Hiding the Text

Upload a Pic By Clicking on Load Image and Upload any Image,now You'll see that below the Image some Space for Writing text is available. Write the Text and Click on Write Data.

A new Dialogue Box will open with your text in it. Click on ENCRYPT BUTTON and the Text will turn in something weird.
Now type a password for decrypting the Text (Which Will be necessary for your friend to View Secret Text.). Now Click on Save Image and save it.

Reading the Hidden Text

Now Pass this Image with the software to a friend and Tell him to Open the Image Using this software.
Now,When he open the Image Using This Software,tell him to Click on read data and when a Dialouge Box opens Click on Decrypt and type the Password that You set Like KANISHK02563 when he enters the Password the Text decrypts.



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