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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Hard Disk Eraser!

Hello Friends,

Today I'll teach you a little prank to play on your friends by showing them that their Computer has detected a virus and it will erase the Hard Disk and would they Like to proceed?

Follow these instructions :-
1. Open Notepad and type the below code

lol=msgbox("Warning! Virus Detected. Press YES to erase Hard Disk now. Press NO to erase Hard Disk after restart", 20,"Title")

2. You can change the 20 to these numbers to get another results-->
0 = Ok Button
1 = Ok/Cancel Button
2 = Abort/Retry/Ignore button
3 = Yes/No/Cancel
4 = Yes/No

3. Now You can change the Title to anything You like suppose in the below Image I have written Virus Detected.

4. Now you can change the message in the bold to anything you like.

5. Now save the file as anyname.vbs (Name must end with .vbs) and file type as All Files.

Now,When your friend will open the vbs file and get scared of losing their Hard Disk.

Whichever Option you click,nothing will happen.



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