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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Hack Facebook Via Phishing.

Note: This Information is only for Educational Purpose and I'll not be held responsible in anyway if its used for crime.I myself do not encourage hacking in anyway.

Hello Friends,

Today,I'll tell you about Simple Facebook Phishing.As many of the readers are learning about Facebook Phishing for the first time,I want you to know what is Phishing first.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is technique through which we can hack account of any website.It is just a copy of website and you send it to your victim and when he/she login his/her password will be stored in your password website file.For Example you want to hack someone facebook account then you first of all you need a facebook phishing page (this is just like facebook login page) and upload it to your website and send it to victim when he/she login with his/her account then his/her password will be send to or save to your website password file.

You'll Need Some Files and Some other things for this Tutorial.

1. Three Facebook Phishing Files.

a. Index.HTML

b. Log.TXT

c. Login.PHP

2.) An Account on any Free Webhosting Site like MY 3GB

3.) Victim.


Download the Facebook Phishing Files-
To Download Facebook Phishing Click Here.

1. Now after downloading the Facebook Phishing Files,Upload them to any Web-Hosting Site.

Here are some Web-Hosting Site Suggestions-

b.) My 3 GB

If you want any other site,then you can search for it on Google

Note: I am using for this tutorial.

2. Now Upload the three files to the Web-Hosting Site's File Manager.

After Uploading the files,they would look something like this-
Click the Photo to Enlarge.

3.) Now,To See the Fake Page,click on the Index.html file and a New Fake Facebook Page will Open.

You Can easily spot genuine pages by spotting the term HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure). Fake Pages don't have HTTPS Term.

Fake Page will Look Something Like this-
Click the Photo to Enlarge.

4.) Now,Copy the URL you see in the Address Bar when you see the Fake Page.

5.) Now,Go to any URL Shortner like This.

6.) Paste the link Of your Facebook Fake page there and now it'll give you a short URL for it.

7.) Now,Copy the Shortened Fake URL and Email it to the Victim.

NOTE : Do not Paste any FAKE PAGE URLs in Facebook Chat/Post/Comment because All Web-Hosting Sites are reported as Spammy By Facebook.Inc

8.) Tell him -

"When you log in through this Facebook Page You can set theme to your profile like Orkut."


"We are Facebook Authorities and We have noticed some unusual movements in your account and need to verify your account.To Verify Your Account Go to the Below URL. <Your Face URL Here>"

9.) Now,After your Victim enters his Facebook Email and Password on your Facebook Page.Its Time to check the Log.TXT file.

10.) Go to your Web-Hosting account's File Manager and view the LOG.TXT file from there.

Open the Text file and You'll find their Email ID and Password.
Like This-
Click the Photo to Enlarge.

I hope You Find this Info Useful.This Facebook Phishing is not only for teaching to Hack accounts but is also for being protected against it.Now that you've read it,You can stay protected against it.

To Learn How to Post Phishing Page URLs to Facebook, Click Here.


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