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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Full Forms related to Computer and Internet.

Hello Friends,
Today, I'll give you a list of full forms related to Computer and Internet that might be useful to you.

ACK = Acknowledgement
ACL = Access control list
AD = Active directory
AH = Authentication header
ANS = Advanced networks and services
ANSI = American national standard institute
API = Application programming interface
APIPA =Automatic private ip address
ARC Net = Attached resource computer network
ARPA = Advanced research project agency
ASR = Automated system recovery
AT = Apple talk
ATM = Asynchronous transfer mode
AU = Access unit
AUI = Attachment unit interface
AWG = American wire gauge
BALUNs = Balanced Unbalanced
BCC = Blind carbon copy
BDC = Backup domain controller
BITS = Background intelligent transfer service
BPDU = Bridge protocol data unit
BRI = Basic rate interface
BSF = Basic service area
BSS = Basic service set
CA = Certification authority
CAM = Content addressable memory
CAN = Campus area network
CDDI = Copper Distributed Data Interface
CDP = CISCO discovery protocol
CFI = Canonical format indicator
CHAP = Challenged handshake authentication protocol
CIM = Common information model
CLB = Component load balancing
CLC = Cyclical redundancy check
CLI = Command line interface
COM = Component object model
CSLPI = Compressed Serial line internet protocol
CSMA/CA = Carrier sense multiple access/collision avoidance
CSMA/CD = Carrier sense multiple access/collision detection
CSNET = Computer science services
CSU = Channel service unit
DA = Destination address
DAS = Dual attached station
DC = Domain controller
DBMS = Data base management system
DCE = Data communicating devices
DDS = Digital data service
DFB = Dual flash bank
DHCP = Dynamic host configuration protocol
DID = Direct inward dialing
DIX = Digital Intel Xerox
DLC = Data link control
DNS = Domain name system
DOD = Department of defense
DSSS = Direct sequence spread spectrum
DTE = Data terminating equipment
DUAL = Diffusing update algorithm
EA = Ethernet address
EAP = Extensile authentication protocol
EAP-TLS = Extensile authentication protocol transport level security
EEPROM = electrically erasable Programmable read only memory
EFS = Encrypting file system
EIA = Electrical industries association
EIGRP = Enhanced interior gateway routing protocol
ELAP = Ether talk link access protocol
EMI = ElcrtoMegnetic interference
ESP = Encapsulating security payload
FCSF = Fiber channel switched fabric
FCSL = Fiber channel arbitrated loop
FDDI = Fiber distributed data interface
FFP = Fluoroethylene propylene
FIPS = Federal information processing standard
FLH = Flash load helper
FQDN = fully qualified domain name
FRS = File replication service
FTP = File transfer protocol
FTP =Foil Twisted pair
GPO = Group policy object
GSNW = Gateway services for NetWare
GUI = Graphical user interface
HCL = Hardware compatibility list
HAS = High bits source address
HT = Hyper threading
HTML = Hyper text markup language
HTTP = Hyper text transmission protocol
IAB = Internet activities board
IANA = Internet assigned number authority
IAS = Internet authentication service
ICS = Internet connection sharing
ICMP = Internet control management protocol
IEEE = Institute of electrical and electronic engineers
IETF = Internet engineering task force
IGRP = Internet gateway routing protocol
IIS = Internet information services
IKE = Internet key exchange
ILD = Injection laser diode
InterNIC = Internet network information center
I/O Ports = Input/output ports
IP = Internet protocol
IPSec = internet protocol security
IPX = Internetwork packet exchange
IRTF = Internet research task force
IRQ = Interrupts request channels
ISDN = Integrated services digital network
ISL = Inter switch link
ISO = International standardized organization
IOSC = Internet society
KDC = Kerberos distribution center
LAN = Local area network
LC = Local Connector
LLC = Logical link control
LSA = Link state advertisement
MAC = Media access control
MAN = metropolitan area network
      MAU = MultiStation Access Unit
MFT = Master file table
MHS = Message handling service
MIB = management information base
MILNET = Military installation in US
MILNET = Military installation in Europe
MMC = Microsoft management console
MOP = Maintenance operation protocol
MSAU = MultiStation Access Unit
MSCHAP = Microsoft Challenged handshake authentication protocol
      MSCHAPv2 = Microsoft Challenged handshake authentication protocol version2
      MTA = Message transfer agent
MTRJ = Mechanical transfer Registered jack
MTS = Message transfer system
NACK = Negative acknowledgement
NAS = Network access server
NAT = Network address translator
NCP = Netware core protocol
NDIS = Network deriver interfaces specification
NDS = Network directory service
NetBEUI = NetBIOS extended user interface
NFS = Network file system
NIC = Network interface card
NLB = Network load balancing
NNTP = Network news transfer protocol
NLSP= Netware link state protocol
NOS = Network operating system
NSF = National science foundation
NVRAM = Non volatile random access memory
OC = Optical carrier
ODI = Open deriver interface
OSI = Open systems interconnect
OSPF = Open shortest path first
PAD = Packet assembler/dissembler
PAE = Physical address extension
PAP = Password authentication protocol
PAT = Port address translation
PDC = Primary domain controller
PEAP = Protected extensible authentication protocol
PGP = Pretty good privacy
PING = Packet internet groper
PKI = Public key infrastructure
POP = Point of presence
POP = Post office protocol
POTS = Plain old telephone system
PPP = Point to point protocol
PPSDN = Public packet switched data network
PRI = Primary rate interface
PROM = Programmable read only memory
PSTN = Public switched telephone network
PTR = Pointer
PVC = Private OR permanent virtual circuit
PVC = Polyvinyl chloride
RADIOUS = Remote Authentication dial in user service
RAID = Redundant array of inexpensive disks
RARP = Reverse address resolution protocol
RDP = Remote desktop protocol
RFF = Run from flash
RFI = Radio frequency interference
RFR = Run from RAM
RFS = Request for comments
RG = Radio grade
RIP = Routing information protocol
RJ = Registered jack
RMON = Remote network
RSL = Router software loader
RSoP = Resultant set of policy
RSTP = Rapid Spanning tree protocol
SA = Secure association
SA = Source address
SAP = Service advertising protocol
SAS = Single attached station
SC = Subscriber connector
SCSI = Small computer system interfaces
ScTP = Screen Twisted pair
SDH = Synchronous digital hierarchy
SET = Secure electronic transaction
SFF = Small form factor
SLIP = Serial line internet protocol
SMB =Server message block
SMDS = Switched multimegabit data services
SMP = Symmetric processing
SMTP = Simple mail transfer protocol
SNMP = Simple network management protocol
SOA = Start of authority
SONET = Synchronous optical network
SPAP = Shiva Password authentication protocol
SPF = Shortest path first
      SPI = Security parameters index
SPX = Sequenced packet exchange
SQL = Structure query language
SRINIC = Stanford research institute network information center
SSL = Secure socket layer
ST = Straight tip
STP = Spanning tree protocol
STP = Shielded Twisted pair
STS = Synchronous transport signals
SUS = Software update services
SVC = Switched virtual circuit
TC = Topology change
TCA = Topology change acknowledgement
TCN = Topology change notification
TCP = Transmission control protocol
TDM = Time division multiplexing
TDR = Time domain reflectometer
TFTP = Trivial file transfer protocol
TGT = Ticket granting ticket
TGS = Ticket granting service
TIA = Telecommunication industry association
TLAP = Token talk link access protocol
TP = Twisted pair
TPID = Tag protocol identifier
TTL = Time to live
UA = User agent
UDP= User datagram protocol
UNC =Universal naming convention
UPS = Uninterrupted power supply
URL = Uniform resource locator
USB = Universal serial bus
UTP = Unshielded Twisted pair
VG = Voice grade
VLANID = Virtual local area network identifier
VOM = Volt ohm meter
VPN = Virtual private network
VSM = Visual switch manager
VTP = VLAN trunking protocol
W3C = World Wide Web consortium
WAN =Wide area network
WEP = Wired equivalent privacy
WHQL = Windows hardware quality lab
WINS = Windows internet naming service
WMI = Windows management instrumentation
WMIC = Windows management interface command line
XAS= Xerox network system



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